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Does Our Collective Being Lack Drive of Self-Intention?

Lack of belief in building a consistent reality is writing an intention, either in thought or on paper and then erasing it. Like building a thought of something/someone you want and making multiple alternate endings. The end result is usually that you think of something to go wrong to the possibility of your own happiness or you are distracted back into the current reality. What really keeps that thought from blossoming under the notion of good? Yet so easily we can scheme to think and do bad? Maybe because we live in a low vibration; in our current state we think as a collective of self-satisfaction.

 But I ponder that if we really could have everything we WANT, are we not living in that reality right now? Things like, cars, clothes, jewelry, technology, music, and food, and money, etc. Have we manifested these things without fore-thought of overcrowding, over-eating, and over-spending; most of all over-indulgence in low frequency thoughts so to speak? Those who want little to no parts of it have difficulty breaking away and /or not conforming, less they be deemed the enemy of the current state. Self asks me if I can live in any more want than I already have. My immediate answer would be no.

 I’m not going to get into details of the manifestations of my wants, surely you can think of some of your own manifestations’. I can even get biblical with it and go into how we suffer consequences of some of those wants even if we claim we’re just fine with BEing in that state, however at current, I have no further  thoughts on that. It really does take time to come awake, though some of us are in accelerated processes, hence we notice the speeding up of time while others may say nothing unusual is going on. Some will even read this passage and deem it “crazy” talk; those who may not have had divine intervention or some other process may need nudging. In this state, I do not explain, I discuss. There are others who are willed to do questions and answers, prove and disprove, up and down, in and out, yadda…I learn with other learners from Self and other specifically referenced tools.  Most who read my post will do so because they are lead here by their Selves. The same happened to me.

 The trickle-down effect has the poorer societies happy just having a copy (bootleg) of the higher-uppers reality while never fully being accepted or implemented unless, of course, one is willing to depress their Self in favor for their ego but never quite feeling right in their soul. They go to rehab or just deal with it as best they will (or won’t). this is the result of lack of power consistent Self-intention; being true to one’s Self.

Then does this mean that the collective BEing is not conscious and is “plugged” into a power that uses doctors, drugs, vaccinations’, music and carnal desires that depresses our higher true selves?

My desire is that enough people wake up, remember who they are and do their true service in order to carry this Earth and the people living on her to a higher Being, for the betterment of ALL. We are one. Bless


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