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Light Overcomes All Illusion

I recalled when the world was much younger, matching my years; everybody was enjoying free will. The entertainment phase of that time boomed right when cable networking appeared. Food was splashed with msg and pretty colors, and the most addictive substance on the market, sugar, was sprinkled on and in everything. Folk were pulled out of nature and into their houses…to watch television…and eat. There was no such thing as recycling yet, and folk went wild with their imaginations; they wanted it, they got credit and they got it.

Nowadays, they’ve been “taught” to recycle their garbage and their beings; just throw away their feelings into the garbage. How else could they “protect” all they’ve acquired; even relationships?

Then came privacy and confidentiality. Privacy gives people a sense of hiding their THINGS and GOING-ONS from view of others. While confidentiality gives people a sense hiding the RESULT/CONSEQUENCE of what those THINGS and GOING-ONS have done to their/others lives. Anything from health, crimes,.habits, drugs, and even relationships and money (including lottery winners). It’s not all negatives.

Throwing away feelings throws away a sense of community. People have become just neighbors, and barely know each other; except to say hello should their eyes mistakenly meet. This is part reason why we who’ve been here all along, are coming to surface, are looked upon as “crazy” or “outsiders”. We say hello. We smile. We hug. We encourage. We notice. And noticing people, and giving compliments causes uncomfortibility—because feelings are stirred. Any heart-felt or spirited connection is abruptly disconnected.

Some of what happens in reference to trickery and formulating illusion on human minds, is sought through movies as entertainment; so they believe that if they didn’t see in the theater, on television or the news—“it ain’t true”. Humans are very suspicious of what’s not drenched in glitz and glamour and money.

In a music video I recently saw, a singer was drugged “into” buying a dream. Recalling my own experience, I thought, “Whew, I’m glad I didn’t do that!” So when I say I suffer because I’m determined, I mean it in the sense that I live in this world but not of it. I work for God. However, I can now easily see how that same statement plays out for the other team as well. I’ve had the opportunity on a few occasions, to have anything I can imagine, in this world. I refused every time. Because at the head of all in THIS world, is just man. I admit, I almost slipped up a few times, having had pen in hand, having been intimidated upon refusal. I’ve seen people I knew of here, over there, and I just think, “Just for THAT, she/he sold their soul??”

We feel tired sometimes being conductors “holding it together” for the sake of HOPING that ALL wake up soon. Now we’ve moved away from hope into FAITH; having increased numbers amongst ourSelves. Because we know the Light overcomes all darknesses.
Be blessed.


Love Yourself


Live Your Truth

In order to experience our highest experience of Self, something we have to do is “let it go”. I was dwelling in love (nature) this evening when something I saw shook my core, and it triggered a childhood memory. I became frightened and honestly, I wanted to cry…and I’m sure I will…in private. But whether in public or in private, in order to let that experience go, I cannot deny the feelings that come up. I cannot be afraid to address the issue and allow it to linger inside me; only to be triggered again and again by some other experiences. Keeping my feelings inside will only cause me dis-ease in my mind and can also manifest illnesses in my body, such as, stress, headaches, pains and such. As the storm comes up, the longer I “don’t let it bother me”, the greater it will rage. Since I don’t want…

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Mental Stimulation and Awareness for Women


A woman contacted me recently asked me to write a character reference for her; she said she needed it as soon as possible. I agreed and directed her to write about herself and email it to me. She said she would do that. I have yet to receive her email. This woman was seeing a therapist suffering with anger and depression, a failing marriage and raising two small children, the older was school-aged with “special needs”.

She always spoke of her problems during business meetings. She took deep breaths so much, it became practically involuntarily and she always shook her head in the no motion after a thought. She was in the valley and I could see that with every possible exit advice given to her, she either had tried already and given up on seeing through her issues,  or she simply became angry at the thought of having to put in MORE work to COME OUT of her listed problems. I felt that why should I have to put in more work than she in order to see the good in her character?

The spirit made me aware that she has a person in her midst that is leading her deeper into the valley. That person is telling her not to listen to anyone else but her. She told this woman that I don’t need anything from her to provide a character reference…that I should KNOW what to write. Maybe I would, if I were to lie and write a general character reference letter from a default template. Are people so comfortable with themselves or uncomfortable that they would rather be described as a default, or a carbon copy? Do we really want someone else to have that much control over our lives that when we are asked about ourselves we can only say, “People know me, and my friends know how I am, they can describe me better than I can.” Most assuredly, this is an easy method to allow someone to make up and even CONTROL our BEings. This is a problem we are having today in the world, where the masses are under the influence—of being controlled. I remember whenever I had to get a reference for a job; I typed them out myself and had people sign them. They always said they were going to say something similar but I knew their words would not as effective to get me what I was determined to get—the job. Who besides you knows you better than your God? 

Now here you have the peoples government. Everything is numbers! People, places, and things.  We are described by numbers, yet because of its complexity and our inability to grasp the term infinite—unlimited usage, we (most of us) have really No Understanding Of Numbers Systems, and the government knows that. We are the NOUNS. All of us in this room are female and noticeably black, we speak and understand different languages, and some of us are mothers. Let’s make a unique number system on this room. Our race may be noted as the numbers 987 meaning black. Then we begin to show differences; some of us are mothers others are not, being a mother would describe us as the number 65. That now is a 987-65. Then you got our language, which some of us speak English, but still, not all of us are mothers. So the numbers break down further according to that uniqueness, 987-65-432; the 432 describes the word English. So here the observers have determined that in this room right now, of the forty females present there are fifteen black, English-speaking mothers. That means there are fifteen number 987-65-432s in attendance.

We can’t rightly just have fifteen of the same exact persons in this meeting, so we add digits on the end starting with 0. 987-65-432-0. I am now a “person” again. This number sets me apart from the other fourteen women in here who were like me, and throughout our lifetime other unique numbers, depending on what branch of government services we deal with, to know who we are individually, we are described as numbers. Many people are not aware of this system of controlled numbers. That is how we are “taught” to handle our life affairs, by assigned unique numbers. We pay our bills, we own property, we receive work and receive wages, and even our individual social sites describe us as numbers. We are imprisoned by way of numbers and having no understanding of number systems.

Because it is a government, there is no unique notable significance (nouns) between me and you until we study the meaning of the numbers. When those unique numbers become an “infection” or a hindrance to governing the welfare of the people  in truth, a mass purging is put into place to clean up the “bug” in the system.

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