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God never stops calling, even when we don't hear his voice.

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In The Light Chamber

I went into a light chamber last night. I was singing the pain away, and calling Jesus between breaths. I FELT the song I sang in every fiber of my being. It was my song-the more I let go the greater I sang!

It felt like my soul was being sucked with every note I belted out. The depths of my soul was being cleansed. There was a bed there, but I couldn’t lie down, I was too caught up in my spirit.

When you finally sing your own song, you’ll understand-the only way TO survive is in the spirit. You’ll be yourself-in a different light-of your truth.

I don’t know who you call on, but I call on Jesus. And he comes every time.

God is light. God is love.

Love and light to you!


Keep Your House In Order

I dreamed that I was at the church I went to as a youth. My adopted father was there (who is deceased but I talk to during pivotal moments in my life). It had been announced that Jesus Christ was coming. The church was packed, and there were deacons there clearing the halls saying, “Jesus Christ is Coming!” I was standing at the back seats where I always sat. I was so glad because this meant that all of us who sat at the back of the church would be the first ones to see him coming. I was thinking that he would see me or I would touch his robe. A woman who stood behind me (which would’ve been in front of me originally) tried to distract me about my clothing (a dress with red and blue flowers). She gave me a read tie and I ran off to put it on, but halfway to the bathroom, I realized I would miss Jesus, so I dropped the tie and ran back. She was not happy. The hall lights were turned out. I thought it didn’t matter, we would know him by his light. People were clapping so loud and singing….and we were waiting…I woke up.

*In writing this dream, I see several areas that can easily match biblical  scripture. Yet, I also see so personal growth.

We easily become distracted by things that people in the world say is best for us. Do I believe this to be a prophecy dream? It doesn’t matter.

What I DO believe is that we should keep our “houses” in order, and not be distracted, to be able to experience the Light for ourselves. The council of Heaven has never led me astray. Not once.

I had a guide to prepare me for Hurricane Sandy (though I didn’t know that’s what was coming at those times). When the storm was over, my house was not touch even though it sits at the water. All others around me flooded out or worse. Sometimes I just stare at the water in silence, causing myself a headache trying to expand my mind to comprehend God.

But I know what I do know because the heavens councils know I desire to go to where God is. Of course, I must focus on NOW, HERE, in order to that. I’m in love with God. People still ask or look at my house and don’t get it. That’s God loving me too!

That’s how it’s been my whole life. Except I’ve been intently listening since 12/25/11; now I have journals and typed papers of “dreams” and experiences. And I’m so grateful to be a traveler.


Mental Stimulation and Awareness for Women


A woman contacted me recently asked me to write a character reference for her; she said she needed it as soon as possible. I agreed and directed her to write about herself and email it to me. She said she would do that. I have yet to receive her email. This woman was seeing a therapist suffering with anger and depression, a failing marriage and raising two small children, the older was school-aged with “special needs”.

She always spoke of her problems during business meetings. She took deep breaths so much, it became practically involuntarily and she always shook her head in the no motion after a thought. She was in the valley and I could see that with every possible exit advice given to her, she either had tried already and given up on seeing through her issues,  or she simply became angry at the thought of having to put in MORE work to COME OUT of her listed problems. I felt that why should I have to put in more work than she in order to see the good in her character?

The spirit made me aware that she has a person in her midst that is leading her deeper into the valley. That person is telling her not to listen to anyone else but her. She told this woman that I don’t need anything from her to provide a character reference…that I should KNOW what to write. Maybe I would, if I were to lie and write a general character reference letter from a default template. Are people so comfortable with themselves or uncomfortable that they would rather be described as a default, or a carbon copy? Do we really want someone else to have that much control over our lives that when we are asked about ourselves we can only say, “People know me, and my friends know how I am, they can describe me better than I can.” Most assuredly, this is an easy method to allow someone to make up and even CONTROL our BEings. This is a problem we are having today in the world, where the masses are under the influence—of being controlled. I remember whenever I had to get a reference for a job; I typed them out myself and had people sign them. They always said they were going to say something similar but I knew their words would not as effective to get me what I was determined to get—the job. Who besides you knows you better than your God? 

Now here you have the peoples government. Everything is numbers! People, places, and things.  We are described by numbers, yet because of its complexity and our inability to grasp the term infinite—unlimited usage, we (most of us) have really No Understanding Of Numbers Systems, and the government knows that. We are the NOUNS. All of us in this room are female and noticeably black, we speak and understand different languages, and some of us are mothers. Let’s make a unique number system on this room. Our race may be noted as the numbers 987 meaning black. Then we begin to show differences; some of us are mothers others are not, being a mother would describe us as the number 65. That now is a 987-65. Then you got our language, which some of us speak English, but still, not all of us are mothers. So the numbers break down further according to that uniqueness, 987-65-432; the 432 describes the word English. So here the observers have determined that in this room right now, of the forty females present there are fifteen black, English-speaking mothers. That means there are fifteen number 987-65-432s in attendance.

We can’t rightly just have fifteen of the same exact persons in this meeting, so we add digits on the end starting with 0. 987-65-432-0. I am now a “person” again. This number sets me apart from the other fourteen women in here who were like me, and throughout our lifetime other unique numbers, depending on what branch of government services we deal with, to know who we are individually, we are described as numbers. Many people are not aware of this system of controlled numbers. That is how we are “taught” to handle our life affairs, by assigned unique numbers. We pay our bills, we own property, we receive work and receive wages, and even our individual social sites describe us as numbers. We are imprisoned by way of numbers and having no understanding of number systems.

Because it is a government, there is no unique notable significance (nouns) between me and you until we study the meaning of the numbers. When those unique numbers become an “infection” or a hindrance to governing the welfare of the people  in truth, a mass purging is put into place to clean up the “bug” in the system.

Saying Goodbye Again

I’m a Pleiadian of dark skin. I have yet to meet another like mySelf. But we’re all to start tuning into each other in these last days.

I received my crystal yesterday, and I was so excited (still am) that I was able to activate it the same night! I will say my intent received a strong response. I awoke and wept in prayer after a very lucid dream. I was allowed to say goodbye to dear friends that I have not seen or spoken to in a long time. (I cried off and on all day!)

I was saddened somewhat because they chose other paths to stay with other people in their lives, or had other goals they still wanted to reach, and some turned me away out of fear and/or jealousy.

Then I was fitted for my white robe by a very tall man.

We came into this world alone, and we will leave it alone. If we are to be in the same place together or if we’re going back home, we’ll meet again there. We can get to the same destination, but it may not be at the same time or on the same paths. We cry and mourn because we have emotions of attachment, among many other BEings.

I was able to leave a beautiful message with my friend, that GOD placed in my heart and out my mouth. I told her that it was so good to have met her and that I hope we meet again in the new life. She was smiling but her eyes were sad. I found the bible verse immediately upon waking.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.
(Matthew 6:33)

I did make a few calls early in the morning.

Imagine walking up a road and only turning to say one last goodbye while crying, and those same tears also harbor anticipation for a new life.

GOD is so good, it’s indescribable…the warmth of a light so bright you can’t see anything else. But you don’t need to because you have trust and faith in your heart, that you’re going to the right place.

Please GOD bless us all.

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