I Was Born Yesterday

God never stops calling, even when we don't hear his voice.

Living Intro

I enjoy speaking, and I also like to see the words, and this is another method in which I will share much with you. I have many questions as well as many answers. My desire is that by my sharing these truths, you, the reader, grows richer in your own BEing as I grow richer in mySelf. Often times, discussion or fellowship helps us develop ourSelves a lot clearer, and faster than doing it alone.

Though I came into the Christ Light (my wakeup call) January 7, 2012, it was since December 25, 2011 that I’ve experienced many continuous days and nights of spiritually inspired writings. These sessions lasted anywhere from a few minutes to three days and three nights. Sometimes, I would be only able to eat just bread and water. I did edit some of the writings, to make “sense” of what was really being said to me, and/or whoever the writings are for; for formed understanding.

I would often ask aloud, “What am I supposed to do with all these writings?!”  I thought I was supposed to write a book, but the messages were too random, covering a range of issues, from personal to societal. I still continue to write though not as strenuously focused; I’ve tried to negotiate with my guides, appropriate times—but sense they down recognize time, I’m Self-encouraged to manage my duties within appropriate times. I’m use to the messages now so I’m pretty comfortable receiving them.

Recently, I’ve been seeing this message in various places, “Messages reach who they are for.” I decided to start posting them on the internet, in no particular order. So if you resonate with any of/all these messages, may GOD bless your heart that you are guided by his inspirations in your purposes.

Sometimes my heart’s guide reminds me, “Don’t try to catch up, just make sure you finish.”

We are one. Bless.


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