I Was Born Yesterday

God never stops calling, even when we don't hear his voice.


I wrote this through this passage (unedited), 1/5/2012. I don’t remember writing it as a lot was going on in my person during that time. This was two days before I came into the Christ Light. 12/25/2011 was the first of many continous days and nights of writings.


The Warning

I’ve heard the stories weak men speak about women not knowing what they want and I hear them bashing us! All a ruse! They strive to suppress us from our true purpose. Women have been accused for the “down-fall” of man since as far back a story about her plucking fruit from a tree of knowledge, after being coerced by a serpent (knowledge/wisdom), and then feeding it to him. The result was that you men’s eyes were “opened” to knowledge of self. What would’ve happened had you not eaten the fruit and acquired knowledge of self? Let me tell you something! I am WOMAN!. I am your encourager, your back-bone, the neck that holds your head. I pulled scales from your eyes to save you from your own down fall. We are here! I am the light that shines in your darkest hours. If we are going to stick with the garden story, fine, then recognize that all these thousands of years later that nothing has changed. I still guide you. I look into your eyes and see where your mind is at. It is my bosom on which you lay your head when you need comfort and wisdom. It is my words that soothe you in your pain and self-pity. It is my hand that touches the cool of your neck to re-assure you that you are doing a good job and to press on, and it is also my hand that touches your conscious to stop you from falling into bad business. So why do you not listen? When your road is long and there is no light along the way, I am there, at the end, see the candle light at your window? I am your determination. I am the whisper in the wind that presses you forward when you think you can’t go any further and when you should listen into self. I am the lobe of your ear on which you rub to think. When your enemies are preparing to swell up against you, I know and I inform you with the strongest of passions and cry to your graces to listen and make a plan! So for all the purposes and causes and reasons we all did what we did to enslave our people, all the bickering between men and women, never mind that. It is written and past. This is our time to live the greatest purpose of all; the Universal has put hundreds of thousands, if not millions of souls on sudden task to begin awaking other souls to their true purposes. There’s a war going on “outside” that no one is safe from and when it reaches our “door”, we don’t want our women and children lost in the streets. My duty is to see after our home and our offspring. I know because I am connected with the earth and I feel the vibration grow stronger with every second. I can feel the Supremes energy stirring in the stars. The time is ticking down and I need you to prepare yourself for a great war. You do not suddenly go out to fight unprepared when they finally do reach our homes! I need your mind right and your body strong and your strategy a winner. There are heathens in, of the world, and not, whose very purpose for being is to destroy your will and break your mind, and even to destroy your souls! If you never listened to me before, listen to me now! Form your gatherings and break away and prepare your men! No one is going to save us, we must save ourselves. It’s as simple as that, there is no complication. The Universal will make you the head, not the tail if you pay attention to the commands that I give you this day, and carefully follow them, you will always be at the top, never at the bottom again!




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