I Was Born Yesterday

God never stops calling, even when we don't hear his voice.

Stay Close

GOD holds a strong presence in my life, otherwise I absolutely would not have made it this far. I often have to have permission to speak and/or BE a certain way. This I may speak.

I’ve been “picking up” some high anxiety off Facebook (I shut down my FB) and other high traffic places, especially in the last week. I assumed that I would get a “vacation” and because I tried to “shut” mySelf down and do my own thing, I suffered. Not to be a part of anything in particular, just to “get away”, clearly (as I’m conveying) it did not stand well for mySelf.

I don’t tell you just because, but to let you know that GOD’s grace is not by our choice. His gifts are not of this world and only by his name may we use them or not use them. Everything we go through GOD takes part in. It is our own ignorance of the WORD that causes our suffering.

I’m not talking about the bible word, I speaking of the direct word of the Father, the Son and the Spirit that dwells within.

Engage in natural conversation often; as a child would with their father. Release the tension of staring into space and just have a conversation with/without words(telepathy). Then just wait(the more time you
spend the closer you become).

The response is so ever-loving, it can’t be described. smh….and it just overflows out of you, your heart, your eyes, your mouth and envelopes you….No matter where you are!

My God is a good God and knows no fear. I’m promised protection and guidance always as long as I dwell in his Word. My enemy is his enemy and is sought out long before my knowledge.

I am a blessing carried in Love, as many of you are, and sometimes we need reminders to be keenly aware of the choices we make, because we still live in the world though we may not be of the world.

Seek and you will find.

In Jesus name. Amen

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