I Was Born Yesterday

God never stops calling, even when we don't hear his voice.

“Do Unto Others What You Would Have Them Do Unto You.”

I had a nap and a great lesson. I slept about three hours but of course, that’s a blink of an eye in Heaven. Here’s a beautiful message for those of you who are just “waking up” or still feeling kind of jittery BEcoming “renewed”. Enjoy! Bless

We live in a world where the slightest showing of BEing independent of a collective can set off a any range of “war of words to war for life”.

To bless and to be blessed builds character of spiritual strength. The more you bless others the more easier it becomes when those who insist on living from a negative prospective target you.

We don’t want to take those BEings personal, at the risk of BEcoming like. Remember, many of our brothers and sisters are still asleep. When we haven’t the strength to transform a negative, we do not engage necessarily; we bless them and keep it moving. It’s to say, know your battles before you pick them, GOD provides a plethora of spiritual weaponry; we must be aware of such and stay in study, to become the ultimate spiritual warriors we came here to be. Don’t overwhelm yourSelf and BEcome transformed into anything less than your true Self—in essence don’t fall back “asleep” after working so diligently to “wakeup”. Stay on task.

Brother Jesus said it best, “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.”

I want love, peace and blessings, so that’s what I give. What do YOU want dear brothers and sisters? Bless :0)

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