I Was Born Yesterday

God never stops calling, even when we don't hear his voice.


It has nothing to do with someone or something coming to save humans. It more about PREPARING (I received that message twice in 2012) one self.

 We can save ourselves by cleaning up our ACTS that most don’t realize are just that, ACTS. Look at that word. Focus on it and see what you come up with. How are you BEing? Are there ACT-IONS that you KNOW don’t benefit your core BEing(your spirit)?

 That is preparation. Honestly, at first, I thought it meant to go get food and money and STUFF. The second message said there is no money needed but that would be my choice to gather such.

I realized, after serious focus on my whole Self, after breaking me up into smaller portions, that heaven doesn’t use money. If I desire it, it shall be. Much like we on this thread desired to know more beyond ourselves.

 Fine, you may not “get it” the first time. But if you go within yourSelf, those experiences, from past, present, and possibles come up. How do they apply to where you desire to be right now? Even for myself is this message. (I asked this last night).

 Intend to change your thoughts, for example, someone may have beaten you 8 years ago. That memory triggered anger every time it came up in your thought. You may have intended to “pay them back” in thought by beating them back up, that you would feel better, but the only thing you actually manifested was more anger. You’re beating up a memory (you’re ACTING). You fueled that memory until it kept coming more often and you fought back more intensely. More anger stored itself into the memory, waiting for you to ACT. Stop there.

 “Kill” that hurt-filled, hate-fueled memory by thinking the exact opposite. Give that person a hug in the memory, examine them, focus on understanding that they fell under the very influence you, yourSelf are changing right now. You managed NOT to beat anyone (karma doesn’t have to control you) else just because you were beaten.

 Forgive them forgive yourself, change your thought with intention, and change your ACT-ING to BEing. Save yourself from the ACT and (manifest) BE your true Self again.

 Understanding that there is still much work to do, there is no time other than now. What kind of present to you desire to open?

It’s your choice of course. However, when you give your will to GOD, trust that you will always be presented with what’s best for you. Even if you don’t agree (ego), do you admit to yourSelf that you have much ACTS to cleanup before your true presentation in Heaven? (I don’t need to discuss such a state). Do you admit that you were weak when you accumulated negative karma and are strong enough to overcome it?


August 13, 2012 11:11 AM


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